Short Plays

The Fear Project

4M / 2m (or more) / simple Set

Septet of short plays about fear and the media.

Note: There are six authors involved in this project about the culture of fear in the media. Stefanie's contributions, Haunted and Leaving, are listed below.

Production history

  • Off-Broadway run at The Barrow Group, 2006


One-act comedy / 15 minutes / 1w / 1m / one set

Dan wants to propose to Audrey; Audrey thinks Dan is going to kill her. A meditation on fear, love, and the effects of too much Lifetime Television.

Production history

  • The Barrow Group
  • Lillian Theatre, L.A.
  • Mae West Fest, Seattle
  • Theatre 68, LA
  • Sounding Theatre
  • Estrogenius Festival


One-act comedy / 10 minutes / 1w / 1m / one set

A Connecticut couple, ordered to evacuate the state, finds their marriage under siege.

Production history


One-act / 10 minutes / 1w / 2m / one set

A woman with Alzheimer's relives her wedding day.

Production history

  • Vital Theatre, Samuel French Short Play Competition Finalist
  • Baltimore Playwrights Festival

Dora’s Box

One-act / 10 minutes / 1w / 1m / one set

Rich broke up with Dora; Dora can't let go, and she's armed with decoupage.

Production history

  • Short Stuff II, The Barrow Group
  • Theatre 68, L.A

Wedding Jitters

One-act / 10 minutes / 2m / minimal set

Two straight men participate in the ultimate civil disobedience: they get married.

Production history

  • Samuel French Short Play Competition finalist